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How to Retain Massage Therapy Clients

Person Getting a Massage - Client Retention
In order to build up your client base, focusing on client retention should be your number one priority. The ability to retain your customers means that you are keeping them happy versus being a one-time client. It is also cheaper in the long run to work on client retention instead of focusing on getting new clients only.

In many cases, happy clients will refer their friends and family to you. There are many ways that you can do your best to create a positive experience for your client to keep them coming back for more.

Before the Massage

Prior to the client stepping into your office, begin your interaction with them through your branding. What sets your company apart from other massage therapists? Do you only use organic and natural based massage oils and lotion? Do you cater to a wide variety of clients that may have different needs? Make sure this message is clear and consistent.

When you are working on customer retention, you can send out, “Welcome back,” or, “We’ve missed you,” specials. Return all calls and emails promptly so they know that you are attentive.

Once your client has booked an appointment and enters your office, greet them right away with positive energy. They feel more at ease when they know their presence is welcome and you are excited to work on them. Always have your client fill out a client intake sheet that usually includes their name, address, phone numbers, email address, and of course physical history and  background, and why they are coming for a massage. Before they enter the massage room, ask them how they’ve been, are there certain areas of concern, and areas they’d like you to focus on. Also, share a little about yourself so that they can get to know you better beforehand.

It is of the utmost importance that your working environment look inviting, serene, clean and uncluttered. Your appearance should look professional. Hair, nails and clothing always  clean and professional. Your appearance should  always  look professional?  Massage therapists  should not wear perfume or cologne as some people are sensitive to the scents, nor have any scents or fragrances in their  therapy room.

Ask your client before starting their session  if they need to use the restroom before going in.

During the Massage

Decorations for a Massage Room As your client prepares for their massage, make sure your therapy room is a warm, inviting and peaceful environment. Make sure your therapy room is neat, clean and organized, and has the proper area for them to hang or place their clothing. Soothing background music is always a must. In addition, most massage rooms will have individually bottled water, and other extras  such as hand sanitizer, personal wipes, or lotion and oil samples.

Throughout the massage session, make sure your client is always comfortable. In addition, always ask for client feed back. Some clients like a very quiet relaxing massage, and some clients might want to converse a bit. Always make sure you understand what your customer needs and likes are.

After the Massage

When the appointment comes to an end, allow the client a few minutes to relax before they have to get up. When they leave the room, remind them to drink plenty of water so they can flush any toxins that were released into the lymph system.  After the massage and sometimes even during, you can suggest certain tips as to how the client may care for some of their physical needs, whether it be stretching a muscle, or icing or heating sore muscles.

Let the client know how long the results will last. The customer at times will ask when they should return, and the therapist can make a suggestion or leave it up to the client. If they came for relaxation, remind them how helpful having once a month massages are for their mental and physical health and well being. Giving a suggested time frame to return while the client is experiencing the good benefits post massage will encourage them to book an appointment while they are there. Often, clients don’t even think about when they’ll come back until the massage therapist suggests a time. For those who are hesitant, let them know to book in advance because of repeat clients filling up time slots.

Some clients may not be able to do every month but be sure to let them know you have their best interest in mind (i.e. therapy, exercises, stretches, etc.). Another way to retain customers is to offer once a month packages so they are more inclined to purchase knowing they are getting a discount in the long run. If you sell any products or gift cards, let them know they are available for purchase.

Lastly, start an email list if you haven’t already done so. Have your clients sign up and email them interesting news on staying healthy and other related information at least a couple times a month. This is also a great way to send out any promotions for client retention.

The most important thing when it comes to client retention is letting them know they are valued and important. Keep in mind their well-being before, during, and after the massage and establish a regular relationship with them through email, your website, and any social media for a less aggressive manner than phone calls.

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