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Blue Green Algae & Seaweed Gel Treatment —  A powerful treatment that offers you Klamath Blue Green Algae from the Klamath lakes, and is reported to be the most mineral rich and potent chlorophyll algae available. Contains Certified Organic botanical extracts help to further balance the skin, along with powerful herbal extracts of Sea Kelp and Willow, and lavender essential oil.

Foot, Leg & Warming Body Butter Lotion — Contains six powerful essential oils, MSM, and Capsicum to penetrate deep into the tissue and help calm, relax, and gently warm. It is a custom formula with many Organic & natural ingredients.

Therapeutic Herbal Muscle Calm — A premier formula that warms with Capsicum for sore achy muscles or neuropathy. Contains Organic & natural ingredients to further assist. A great product to use after body work is completed or as a analgesic on it's own.

If you are looking for unusual and therapeutic Spa, Massage & Body Care Products choose one of Organic Bath & Body’s Spa, Massage & Body Care items, based on your needs. Our world renown Blue Green Algae & Seaweed Gel Treatment is used to detox and impart minerals, and you don’t need a wet room! Our power packed Therapeutic Muscle Calm is a one of a kind formula which warms and helps calm sore achy muscles. A great analgesic! Our Foot, Leg & Warming Body Butter, a gently warming formula, loaded with powerful ingredients to help with foot and leg aches or great for all over body aches. Try these formulas once and you will never want to be without them, nor will you clients!

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